Wireless Communication General Project
Code Project Title
WC1 Analog modulation - amplitude modulation | frequency Modulation
WC2 Digital modulation - fsk modulation | pwm modulation | Ppm modulation
WC3 Mc to ?c communication
WC4 Mc to ?p communication
WC5 Mp to ?p communication
WC6 Wireless traffic rules monitor
WC7 Accident identification system
WC8 Aircraft receiver kit
WC9 Automatic door control system
WC10 Automatic radio tuning from the system
WC11 Biomedical monitoring system
WC12 Centralized monitoring system for call taxies
WC13 Centralized wireless networking for corporate
WC14 Cordless security system
WC15 Cryptographic secured communication for military Applications
WC16 Direction finding kit
WC17 Intelligent wireless controller for oil wells
WC18 Internet controller for textile plant
WC19 Loop antenna construction
WC20 Mind switch
WC21 Pc to ?p communication
WC22 Pc to pc communication
WC23 Remote control of home appliances through a cellular phone
WC24 Remote controlled dish antenna positioner
WC25 Remote controlled solar tracking system
WC26 Remote controller motor operation
WC27 Remote motor speed controller
WC28 Remote controlled motor, plugging, forwarding, and
WC29 Jogging remote home security system (remote industrial security system)
WC30 Remote switching system for home appliances
WC31 Secured communication between two army stations
WC32 Shortwave radio kit
WC33 Smart antenna and low power RF transceiver
WC34 Speed radar kit
WC35 Stacked tuned dipole transmit antenna system for fm
WC36 Broadcast band
WC37 The handy gate dip meter
WC38 Tv transmitter kit
WC39 Vehicle tracking system
WC40 Video signal transmitter
WC41 Wireless attendance register
WC42 Wireless audio communication system
WC43 Wireless bunker positioning system
WC44 Wireless controller cum internet controller
WC45 Wireless controller for knitting machine
WC46 Wireless controller for offset printing machine
WC47 Wireless ecg monitor
WC48 Wireless emg monitor
WC49 Wireless energy monitor for power substations
WC50 Wireless keyboard
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