Software Mini Projects
Code Project Title
WSWM1 Code to convert currency from figures to word
WSWM2 System spy
WSWM3 Video capturing
WSWM4 Text document editor
WSWM5 Text to html converter
WSWM6 It infrastructure
WSWM7 Medical transcription processing and tracking system (vb+access)
WSWM8 Virtual lan messanger
WSWM9 News paper management system(vb+access)
WSWM10 Data warehouse management
WSWM11 Computer sales & service maintenance system(vb+oracle)
WSWM12 Crime investigator(vb+oracle)
WSWM13 Software for police station(vb+oracle)
WSWM14 Fixed deposit scheme(vb+sql)
WSWM15 Payroll system(vb+sql)
WSWM16 Stock management system(vb+sql)
WSWM17 Airline agency management(vb+oracle)
WSWM18 Airline reservation(vb+oracle)
WSWM19 Cyber cafe management system(vb+oracle)
WSWM20 Telenetwork system(vb+oracle)
WSWM21 Audio player
WSWM22 Port scanner
WSWM23 Red eye with web camera
WSWM24 Encryption and decryption using sentinel algorithm
WSWM25 Disk formater
WSWM26 Multiuser chatting
WSWM27 Compression and decompression of a file
WSWM28 Network chat
WSWM29 Mini browser
WSWM30 Oracle explorer(vb+access)
WSWM31 Computer information system(vb+access)
WSWM32 Simple hotel reservation software
WSWM33 Advanced timesheet(vb+access)
WSWM34 Stitching industry automation(vb+access)
WSWM35 Automation of prepress work flow(vb+access)
WSWM36 Car agency management(vb+access)
WSWM37 Interactive tutorials on data structures(vb+access)
WSWM38 Database object viewer(vb+access)
WSWM39 Wordpad(vb+access)
WSWM40 Data structure tutor(vb+access)
WSWM41 Automation of travel agency(vb+access)
WSWM42 School management system(vb+access)
WSWM43 Patient management system(vb+access)
WSWM44 Contact management system(vb+access)
WSWM45 Restaurant management system(vb+access)
WSWM46 Indian std code(vb+access)
WSWM47 European football database system(vb+access)
WSWM48 Student sitting planner(vb+access)
WSWM49 Car rental database system(vb+access)
WSWM50 Hostel management system(vb+access)
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