Electronic Mini projects
Code Project Title
WMIN1 DC power supply +5v
WMIN2 DC power supply +12v
WMIN3 Power failure indicator
WMIN4 Load supply monitor & indicator
WMIN5 Dc power supply +5, +12v
WMIN6 Chimney control
WMIN7 Post box alaram
WMIN8 Over heat controller
WMIN9 Rain indicator
WMIN10 Clap switch
WMIN11 Black colour identification
WMIN12 Vibration alarm for electric appliances
WMIN13 Yarn breakage detector without mechanical model
WMIN14 Mobile phone sniffer
WMIN15 Door bell flasher for the deaf
WMIN16 Automatic street light on/off control
WMIN17 Light dim & dip control for auto mobile
WMIN18 Fire detection and alaram
WMIN19 Dc power supply +5v,+/-12v
WMIN20 Electronic circuit breaker
WMIN21 Over voltage and under voltage Controller
WMIN22 Over current control
WMIN23 Earth leakage detector
WMIN24 Automatic wash basin
WMIN25 Automatic flush out
WMIN26 Coin based mobile charger
WMIN27 A curtain open/close system without model
WMIN28 Fridge door alaram
WMIN29 Automatic pumping system without tank & pump
WMIN30 Timer for cooking
WMIN31 Automatic lubricant unit without tank & pump
WMIN32 Tea/coffee vending machine without model
WMIN33 Grinder controller
WMIN34 Automatic coolent pump for lathe without pump & tank
WMIN35 Water vending machine without valve & tank
WMIN36 Drips alarm
WMIN37 Laser sequrity alarm for house
WMIN38 Dc 12v industrial dc motor speed control(without motor)
WMIN39 Respiration alarm
WMIN40 Electronic stethoscope
WMIN41 Human pulse indicator
WMIN42 Single phase preventer
WMIN43 Vehicle key reminder
WMIN44 Lpg gas leakage sensing and alarm
WMIN45 Alcohol indicator
WMIN46 Pc based mobile charger
WMIN47 Universal motor speed control without motor
WMIN48 Light bright dimmer
WMIN49 Object detection & vibration alert for blind
WMIN50 Red eye with secure camera
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