Code Project Title
WSCN1 A_Cooking_site
WSCN2 Advertment Posting Website ASP .Net
WSCN3 bus booking
WSCN4 Computer shop
WSCN5 Convolution Filters
WSCN6 Company crm
WSCN7 179_Data Hiding additional files in a ZIP archive
WSCN8 Database Schema Comparison Utility C#
WSCN9 Edge Detection
WSCN10 Edge Detection Filters
WSCN11 Edge Detection in Images with Wavelet Transform
WSCN12 Employees Information System C# .Net
WSCN13 File Encryption Decryption with Hash Verification in C#
WSCN14 Flood Fill Algorithms in C# and GDI+
WSCN15 Genetic Algorithms and the Traveling Salesman Problem using C# and ATL COM
WSCN16 Hiding binary data in HTML documents
WSCN17 Hiding messages in the Noise of a Picture
WSCN18 Hopfield model of neural network for pattern recognition
WSCN19 Image Processing
WSCN20 Image Processing for Bilinear Filters and Resizing
WSCN21 Image Processing for Displacement filters, including swirl
WSCN22 Image Processing for The HSL color space
WSCN23 Image Recognition with Neural Networks
WSCN24 Library Management System v1
WSCN26 Mobile Bluetooth Social Networking
WSCN27 Mobile Phone File Transferring
WSCN28 My _Explorer _In _C _Sharp
WSCN29 page tracking
WSCN30 Pharmacy System
WSCN31 Portfolio Manager - BSE, NSE, Mutual Fund [C# .Net 2005]
WSCN32 Property Management System C#+ASP .Net
WSCN33 Real Estate Admin
WSCN34 School _ cms
WSCN35 Steganography for Data Hiding Messages in MIDI Songs
WSCN36 Steganography for Data Reading and Writing AVI files
WSCN37 Steganography for Hiding Data in Wave Audio Files
WSCN38 Steganography for Indexed Images and their Palettes
WSCN39 Steganography for multiple key and carrier files
WSCN40 Steganography for Regions with different data density
WSCN41 TCPIP Chat client server Using C#
WSCN42 Text 2Text Steganography
WSCN43 Vote
WSCN44 Windows_Management_Instrumentation_WM_Implementation
WSCN45 Software Licence Monitoring
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