Software IEEE Projects (Engineering)
Code Project Title
WSI1 Interaction Of IPSS: Distributed Resource Allocation And Revenue Maximization (2008/Java)
WSI2 Modeling & Automated Containment Of Worms (2008/Java)
WSI3 Bandwidth Estimation For IEEE 802.11 Based ADHOC Networks (2008/Java)
WSI4 Mobile Information Provider (J2ME)
WSI5 XML Enabled SQL SERVER (Java)
WSI6 Minimizing File Downloading Time In Stochastic Peer-To-Peer Networks (2008/Java)
WSI7 Active Queue Management For Fair Resource Allocation In Wireless Networks (2008/Java)
WSI8 Efficient Routing In Intermittently Connected Mobile Networks: The Multiple Copy Case (2008/.Net)
WSI9 Wireless Traffic Viewer Using J2ME (J2ME)
WSI10 Video Steganography Using Mobile Simulation (J2ME)
WSI11 Image Processing for Edge Detection Filters (C#.Net)
WSI12 Using Trigonometry and Pythagoras to Watermark an Image (C#.Net)
WSI13 Virtual Private Network (C# .Net)
WSI14 Voice Enabled Smart Browser (Java)
WSI15 Probabilistic Packet Marking For Large Scale IP Trace Back (2008/.Net)
WSI16 Hiding messages in the Noise of a Picture C# .Net
WSI17 Windows Management Instrumentation WMI Implementation C# .Net
WSI18 Watermarking Relational Databases Using Optimization Based Techniques (2008/.Net)
WSI19 Benefit Based Data Caching In Ad Hoc Networks (2008/Java)
WSI20 Bandwidth Efficient Video Multicasting In Multiradio Muilticellular Wireless Networks (2008/Java)
WSI21 Steganography for Hiding Data in Wave Audio Files C#.Net
WSI22 Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcasting (Ads-B) VC++
WSI23 An efficient message digest algorithm (MD) for data security VC++
WSI24 Hopfield model of neural network for pattern recognition C# .Net
WSI25 Fuzzy Control Model Optimization For Behavior- Constent Traffic Routing Under Information Provision (2008/.Net)
WSI26 Rate Allocation & Network Lifetime Problem For Wireless Sensor Networks(2008/ .Net)
WSI27 Vision Based Processing For Real-Time 3-D Data Acquisition Based On Coded Structured Light (2008/.Net)
WSI28 Neural Network for Recognition of Handwritten and Digits Backpropagation (VC++)
WSI29 Network Traffic Anomaly Detector (J2ME)
WSI30 Location Aided Routing for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks (Java)
WSI31 Digital Water Marking For Video Piracy Detection (C++)
WSI32 Estimation Of Defects Based On Defect Decay Model: ED3M(2008/.Net)
WSI33 On Guaranteed Smooth Switching For Buffered Crossbar Switches (2008/.Net)
WSI34 Active Learning Methods For Interactive Image Retrieval (2008/.Net)
WSI35 Orthogonal Data Embedding For Binary Images In Morphological Transforms Domain A High Capacity Approach(2008/.Net)
WSI36 COACS: Co - Operative and adaptive caching system for MANETs (2008/Java)
WSI37 Scalable and Efficient End-To-End Network Topology Inference (2008/Java)
WSI38 GOP-Based Channel Rate Allocation Using Genetic Algorithm for Scalable Video Streaming Over Error- Prone Networks Java/2005
WSI39 Neural Networks for Handwritten character and Digits (VC++/2003)
WSI40 Security In Large Networks Using Mediator Protocols (2008/Java)
WSI41 Designing Less - Structured P2p Systems For The Expected High Churn (2008/Java)
WSI42 Hiding messages in the Noise of a Picture (C#.Net)
WSI43 ERP for Leather Company(J2EE)
WSI44 Cryptographically Using Secure Server/Client Protocol (VC++)
WSI45 Genetic Algorithms and the Traveling Salesman Problem using C# and ATL COM (C#.Net)
WSI46 Neural Networks for Handwriting Detection System Using Brain Net (VB.Net)
WSI47 Online Handwritten Script Recognition (Java/2004)
WSI48 ODAM: An Optimized Distributed Association Rule Mining Algorithm (Java/2004)
WSI49 Protocol Scrubbing: Network Security Through Transparent Flow Modification (Java/2004)
WSI50 Workflow Mining: Discovering Process Models from Event Logs (.Net/2004)
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