Biomedical Projects
Code Project Title
WBM1 A model of CSF flow in the human cranio vertertebral junction
WBM2 A portable patient training device for lung cancer treatment
WBM3 A system for objective measures of patient functions related to quality
WBM4 of life
WBM5 Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Pressure Monitor
WBM6 Add on mixing chamber for mechanical ventilator
WBM7 An MRI compatible infusion pump
WBM8 Assessment of intrapleural pressure changes using novel technology
WBM9 Audible Thermometer
WBM10 Automatic Defibrillator
WBM11 Automatic medicine announcement system
WBM12 Automatic Metered Dose Inhalant (MDI) delivery device
WBM13 Biofeedback/stress management
WBM14 Biomedical Application for Virtual-Reality (VR) or Tele-Presence (TP)
WBM15 Biomedical Health card design
WBM16 Biometric access control system
WBM17 Biometric security system
WBM18 Bio-Tele monitoring
WBM19 Blood gas analyzer
WBM20 Blood-flow meter
WBM21 Colorimeter
WBM22 Coordination Performance Tester
WBM23 Depth of Anesthesia Monitor
WBM24 Development of an exhaled breath condensate system for use during
WBM25 exercise
WBM26 Device Controller for Quadaplegics
WBM27 Device to measure the stiffness of intact mouse heart
WBM28 Drips Mate
WBM29 ECG Monitor & Analyzer
WBM30 EEG Monitor & Analyzer
WBM31 Electro Gustogram
WBM32 Electro Oculogram
WBM33 Electroretinogram
WBM34 EMG Monitor & Analyzer
WBM35 Epilepsy monitor
WBM36 Ergonomic ultrasound probe
WBM37 Eye drop device
WBM38 Eye movement measurement in MRI
WBM39 Face Detection Recognition and Tracking
WBM40 Fetal heart beat monitor
WBM41 Fiber optic transmission of biomedical parameters
WBM42 Heart Beat Monitor
WBM43 Home Healthcare Device
WBM44 Hospital connecting system
WBM45 Human Gait Analysis and Recognition
WBM46 Incubator
WBM47 Interactive audiometer
WBM48 Mechanical Testing System Coupled with an Environmental Chamber
WBM49 Mind Switch
WBM50 MRI Phantom
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