Code Project Title
WR1 Internet controlled moving robot
WR2 Internet controlled pick and place robot
WR3 SMS controlled moving robot
WR4 Security robot and sending sms (detection fire)
WR5 Spy robot with wireless camera
WR6 Pc controlled wireless robot and sending wireless camera image
WR7 Wireless pc controlled moving pick and place robot
WR8 IR controlled mobile robot
WR9 IR controlled robotic arm
WR10 Syringe infusion pump for medical robot
WR11 Timing operated lubricant syringe robot
WR12 Automatic welding robot
WR13 Single axis moving table for automation (x-model)
WR14 Double axis moving table for industrial automation (x-y model)
WR15 Line following robot
WR16 Programmable drilling machine
WR17 Automatic pneumatic auto feed drilling with conveyer robot
WR18 On line inspection robot
WR19 Online inspection with rejection mechanism
WR20 Moving robot and path finder
WR21 Programmable path finder robot
WR22 Solar operated goods carrier track guided vehicle
WR23 Object sensing pick and place robot
WR24 Stationary fire fighter
WR25 Moving fire fighting robot
WR26 Wireless controlled moving with pick and place robot
WR27 Wireless controlled moving robot
WR28 Bomb / metal detection robot
WR29 Earth quake recover robot
WR30 Solar based robotic arm
WR31 Solar operated spray painting robot
WR32 Telephone operated mobile robot
WR33 Pneumatic operated four axis robot
WR34 Moving robot with extension ladder
WR35 Voice controlled robot
WR36 Hand operated wheel chair for handicaps
WR37 Leg operated wheel chair for handicaps
WR38 Voice operated wheel chair for handicaps
WR39 Moving stick with object sensor and alarm
WR40 Moving pneumatic good carriage vehicle
WR41 Quality inspection robot(cashewnut, fruit)
WR42 Automatic object detected and operated escalator
WR43 Human eye robot
WR44 Timing operated grease / oil dispensing robot
WR45 Axis stepper robotics with artificial intelligence
WR46 Line following robot
WR47 Moving robot and path finder
WR48 Moving stick with object sensor and alarm
WR49 Beam head
WR50 Color identification robot
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