Code Project Title
WAD1 Operational amplifiers, TTL & CMOS digital logic ICís
WAD2 1.3 Ghz prescaler
WAD3 1.5 Ghz prescaler for frequency meter
WAD4 10 Khz function generator
WAD5 10 Mhz frequency meter
WAD6 10 Mhz function generator with 5 digit LCD readout
WAD7 12v dc fluorescent lamp driver
WAD8 12v motor speed control using PWM technique
WAD9 200 Mhz frequency meter
WAD10 3 input video MUX cable driver
WAD11 3Ĺ digit led DPM operating on +5v for 200mv or 2v
WAD12 4 channel temperature scanning for cardiac surgery
WAD13 40 w fluorescent lamp inverter
WAD14 4Ĺ digit DPM led with seven segment display with
WAD15 555 tester
WAD16 741 tester
WAD17 8 channel di / o card for RS - 232
WAD18 Absolute value meter with polarity detector
WAD19 Ac motor speed controller
WAD20 Advertisement display using LEDs
WAD21 Audible thermometer
WAD22 Audio communication using fiber optic cable
WAD23 Audio communication using laser beam
WAD24 Audio signal embellisher
WAD25 Audio sweep generator
WAD26 Audio system through power line
WAD27 Audio system through power line (mains)
WAD28 Auto controlled soldering iron
WAD29 Auto ranging digital multimeter
WAD30 Auto starter for d.g. Sets
WAD31 Auto switch for toilets
WAD32 Automatic drainage timer
WAD33 Automatic drainage timer
WAD34 Automatic path finder
WAD35 Automatic phone pickup
WAD36 Automatic traffic light controller
WAD37 Automatic wash basin
WAD38 Battery charger
WAD39 Battery discharger
WAD40 Battery tester
WAD41 Baud rate generator
WAD42 Bipolar relay with single supply
WAD43 Bipolar stepper motor control
WAD44 Budget sweep function generator
WAD45 Cano meter
WAD46 Capacitance meter
WAD47 CCIF pattern generator
WAD48 Cell phone line detector
WAD49 Clap switch
WAD50 Compact switching step down converter
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