Industrial Projects
Code Project Title
WI1 Automation of dying industry
WI2 Automation brick making machine
WI3 Proximity calibration unit
WI4 Plant humidification for textile industrises
WI5 Plant humidification for agricultural land
WI6 Ring frame controller for textile industries
WI7 Pneumafil controller
WI8 Yarn thickness monitor
WI9 Yarn breakage monitor
WI10 Yarn thickness and breakage monitor
WI11 Automatic power loom controller
WI12 Industrial monitor
WI13 Black rice remover
WI14 Automatic drainage timer for compressors
WI15 Yarn thickness and breakage controller
WI16 Yarn lee strength measurement
WI17 Yarn weight monitor & analyzer
WI18 Injection moulding machine controller
WI19 Hairness tester
WI20 Industrial security system
WI21 Design of irrigation controller for garden
WI22 Energy meter with ukg monitor for textile industries
WI23 Film roll cutter
WI24 Automatic control system for rubber industries
WI25 An on-line monitoring system of temperature of
WI26 Mobile phone based rfid architecture for secure
WI27 Electronic
WI28 Virtual instrumentation projects
WI29 Effective simulation of signals for testing ecg analyzer
WI30 Optimization of paper parameters using genetic Algorithm
WI31 Internet controlled process station using web services
WI32 Analysis and processing of ecg signals using matlab
WI33 Internet controlled dc motor controller
WI34 Internet controlled process station
WI35 Industrial applications using web services
WI36 Remote system applications using datasocket technology
WI37 Conveyor control system
WI38 Process control station using web browser
WI39 Biomedical signal acquisition using “labview”
WI40 Brain tumor segmentation
WI41 Multi variable controller with email application
WI42 Online speed control of dc motor with lan configuration
WI43 Electrogastogram
WI44 Serial receiver
WI45 Scada for power plant
WI46 Transmission of physiological parameter using ofc cable
WI47 Railway monitoring system
WI48 Real time monitoring and control in transmission line in
WI49 Scada
WI50 Online speed control of dc motor
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