Industrial IEEE Projects
Code Project Title
WIN1 Conductors and fittings based on gsm sms and zigbee (IEEE 2008)
WIN2 Iris recognition (IEEE 2006)
WIN3 Remote calibration using mobile, multiagent technology (IEEE 2005)
WIN4 A labview based data acquisition system for vibration monitoring and analysis (IEEE 2002)
WIN5 Closed-loop position control system using labview (IEEE 2002)
WIN6 Towards an internet-based virtual-wire environment with virtual instrumentation (IEEE 2001)
WIN7 Open-loop motor speed control with labview (IEEE 2001)
WIN8 Development of a virtual instrument for data (IEEE 1998)
WIN9 Labview-based universal battery monitoring and management system (IEEE 1998)
WIN10 Paced breathing controller using labview (IEEE 1997)
WIN11 Acquisition and analysis of the phonocardiogram a labview bared virtual instrument for on-line induction motor parameters identification IEEE
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