Power Electronics General Projects
Code Project Title
WPE1 Data Acquisition System for Large Electrical Drive.
WPE2 Energy Saving In 1- Phase Induction Motor using A.CChopper
WPE3 FC-TCR Type St atic Var Generator for Facts
WPE4 Flexible Ac Transmission System (Facts)
WPE5 Four Switch Inverter for 3-Phase BLDC Motor
WPE6 Harmonic Reduction using Capacitor Clamped Multilevel Inverter
WPE7 Harmonic Reduction using Diode Clamped Multilevel Inverter
WPE8 High Frequency Zero Voltage Switching Resonant Converter
WPE9 Integral Cycle Controlled Inverter fed Induction Motor Drive
WPE10 L-Type High Frequency Quasi Resonant Zero Current Switch
WPE11 Micro Controller based Excitation System
WPE12 Micro Controller based Generator Protect ion
WPE13 Micro Controller base d Induction H eating
WPE14 Micro Controller based Induction Motor Protection
WPE15 MC based Measurement of Current Voltage Power Factor and Temperature
WPE16 Micro Controller based Measurement of Flow, Colour, Position and Level
WPE17 Micro Controller based PWM Converter with Minimum Hardware
WPE18 Micro Controller based Quasi Resonant Converter
WPE19 Micro Cont roller based Thyristor Controlled Reactor
WPE20 Micro Controller based Transformer Protection
WPE21 Micro Controller based Zero Current / Voltage Switching Resonant Converter
WPE22 M-Type High Frequency Quasi Resonant Switch.
WPE23 Noiseless Speed Control of AC Servo Motor using PWM Inverter
WPE24 Noiseless Speed Control of PM DC Motor using PWM Converter
WPE25 Performance of DC Motor fed from Quasi Resonant Converter
WPE26 PWM Inverter with Mini mum Hardware
WPE27 Quasi Resonant Converter fed DC Drive
WPE28 Resonant Inverter with Minimum Hardware
WPE29 SCADA for Large Scale Power System
WPE30 Severless DC to DC Boost Converter using Comparator
WPE31 Soft Starter and Energy Saver for 1-Phase Induction Motor using Bidirectional Voltage Regulator.
WPE32 Solid State Transfer Switch for Custom Power System
WPE33 Static Excitation for Large Alternator with Fast Response to Improve Dynamic Stability
WPE34 Third Harmonic Auxiliary Commutated Current Source Inverter
WPE35 Thyristor Switched Capacitor scheme for fast changing industrial loads
WPE36 Two input full bridge DC-to-DC converter for selective Harmonic elimination.
WPE37 Two input Full Bridge Inverter with improved output waveform
WPE38 ZVS Multi-resonant Quasi-Resonant Converter
WPE39 IG BT based PWM Inverter using Microcontroller
WPE40 A New Active Clamping Zero-Voltage Switching
WPE41 PWM Current-Fed Half-Bridge Converter
WPE42 Boost DC–AC Inverter: A New Control Strategy
WPE43 Closed Loop Speed Cont roller for DC Motor using Microcontroller
WPE44 Design of a Microcontroller-Controlled Personal Static Var Compensator (PSVC)
WPE45 A New Simplified Multilevel Inverter Topology for DC–AC Conversion
WPE46 A Nov el Single-Stage Full-Bridge Buck Boost Inverter
WPE47 MOSFET based PWM Inverter using Microcontroller
WPE48 A Cascade Multilevel Inverter Using a Single DC Source
WPE49 Modeling and Control of a Novel Six-Leg Three-Phase
WPE50 High-Power Converter for Low Voltage Fuel Cell Applications
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