Power Electronic IEEE Micro Controller based Projects
Code Project Title
WPE1 Current-Fed Resonant Full-Bridge Boost DC/AC/D C Converter (IEEE-2008)
WPE2 A Methodology for Optimizing Stand -Alone PV- System Size Using Parallel-Connected DC/DC Converters (IEEE-2008)
WPE3 Buck–Boost-Type Unity Power Factor Rectifier with Extended Voltage Conversion Ratio (IEEE-2008)
WPE4 A Hybrid Control Algorithm for Voltage Regulation in DC–DC Boost Converter (IEEE-2008)
WPE5 Three-Phase Three Level, Soft Switched, Phase Shifted PWM DC– DC Converter for High Power Applications (IEEE-2008)
WPE6 A Methodology for Optimizing Stand-Alone PV-System Size Using Parallel -Connected DC/DC Converters (2008)
WPE7 Voltage Multiplier Cells Applied to Non-Isolated DC– DC Converters (IEEE-2008)
WPE8 Control Design of a Three-Phase Matrix-Converter -Based AC–AC Mobile Utility Power Supply (IEEE-2008)
WPE9 A Flexible Loss -Minimizing and Stress- Sharing Switch Cell for Power Converters (IEEE-2008)
WPE10 Unity-Power-Fact or Operation of Three-Phase AC–DC Soft Switched Converter Based On Boost Active Clamp Topology in Modular Approach (IEEE-2008)
WPE11 Average Current- Mode Control Scheme for a Quadratic Buck Converter With a Single Switch (IEEE-2008)
WPE12 A New Design Method for High-Power High-Efficiency Switched-Capacitor DC–DC Converters (IEEE-2008)
WPE13 A Novel Zero- Voltage-Switching PWM Full Bridge Converter (IEEE-2008)
WPE14 A Novel PM BLD C Motors Inverter Topology for Extending Constant Power Region (IEEE-2007)
WPE15 A Simple Analog Controller for Single- Phase Half -Bridge Rectifier (IEEE-2007)
WPE16 A Simple Single -Sensor MPPT Solution (IEEE-2007)
WPE17 Three-Port Bidirectional Converter f or Hybrid Fuel Cell Systems (IEEE-2007)
WPE18 A New Switching Strategy for Pulse Width Modulation - PWM Power Converters (IEEE-2007)
WPE19 A New Digital Control Algorithm to Achieve Optimal Dynamic Performance in DC-to-DC Converters (IEEE-2007)
WPE20 Synchronous–Asynchronous Digital Voltage-Mode Control for DC–DC Converters (IEEE-2007)
WPE21 Three-Port Bidirectional Converter for Hybrid Fuel Cell Systems (IEEE-2007)
WPE22 Distributed Control of hybrid inverter for electric motor drives (IEEE-2007)
WPE23 Stage for High Intensity Discharge Lamp Electronic Bal last (IEEE-2007)
WPE24 Transformer less Inverter for Single-Phase Photovoltaic Systems (IEEE-2007)
WPE25 Analysis and design of a single-phase hybrid mode power factor correction converter (IEEE-2007)
WPE26 Analysis and implementation of soft switching converter with series -connected transformers (IEEE-2007)
WPE27 Three-phase soft-switched PWM inverter for motor drive application (IEEE-2007)
WPE28 Zero-voltage-switching DC /AC inverter (IEEE-2007)
WPE29 Interleaved Boost Converter for Low Voltage Applications (IEEE-2007)
WPE30 Low Cost High Efficiency DC - DC converter for fuel cell powered auxiliary power Unit of a Heavy Vehicle (IEEE-2007)
WPE31 Location of facts devices on power system for voltage control (IEEE-2006)
WPE32 A Bidirectional DC–DC Converter for Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Driving System (IEEE-2006)
WPE33 Design and Analysis of Boost DC to AC converter (IEEE-2005)
WPE34 Static VAR compensator-based voltage control implementation of single-phase self-excited induction generator (IEEE-2005)
WPE35 Design and implementation of PLC- based monitoring control system for induction motor (IEEE-2003
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