MATLAB Power Electronics
Code Project Title
WMAT50 Single phase full converter using cosine firing scheme
WMAT51 High voltage DC power supply Three phase Semi Converter using cosine firing scheme
WMAT52 DSP control method of single inverter for UPS Application
WMAT53 Interline dynamic voltage Restorer
WMAT54 The fast transient response of double buck DC/DC Converter
WMAT55 IC-less self-oscillating series resonant inverter for dimmable Electronic Ballets
WMAT56 GTO sinusoidal inputs and outputs of converter inverter systems
WMAT57 Sliding mode voltage controller using buck converter
WMAT58 A novel active Soft switching Snuber Designed for Boost converter
WMAT59 Maximum power point tracking by using buck Converter
WMAT60 Harmonic reduction using Slip power Recovery system
WMAT61 Adaptive shunt active filter
WMAT62 Wind velocity & position sensor less operation for PMSG wind generator
WMAT63 Voltage regulation of UPS
WMAT64 Series resonant converter using PID control tech
WMAT65 Performance of single phase DC Drive system controlled by Uniform
WMAT66 PWM full bridge DC-DC converter
WMAT67 Random PWM generation using Genetic Algorithm for Harmonic reduction
WMAT68 High efficiency unity power factor Drive system of an induction motor
WMAT69 Power factor and tap changing position using toroidal transformer(hardware)
WMAT70 Field oriented control of induction motor using Neural Network
WMAT71 A new V/F control method capable of high performance at low regulation
WMAT72 Slip power recovery scheme of induction motor using fuzzy logic
WMAT73 Variable speed wind turbine connected to weak AC systems
WMAT74 Modeling digital relay using MAT lab
WMAT75 Speed control BLDC motor
WMAT76 DC to DC converter using fuzzy logic
WMAT77 Luo converter using fuzzy logic
WMAT78 Static bifurcation analysis for voltage contingency
WMAT79 Direct torque control of induction motor using adaptive Neuro Fuzzy
WMAT80 The resonant DC link converter
WMAT81 Space vector modulation by Neural networks
WMAT82 Power flow solutions by radial basis networks Power flow solutions based on TCSC
WMAT83 Speed control switched Reluctance Motor
WMAT84 Multiple DC-DC converter
WMAT85 An interactive Fuzzy Norm satisfying method for multi Objective
WMAT86 Reactive Power Planning
WMAT87 UPFC design by Fuzzy logic
WMAT88 Local sliding mode control for Damping inter area Oscillations
WMAT89 Load forecasting by Genetic Algorithm
WMAT90 Fingerprint Recognition System for Finger Code based
WMAT91 Face Recognition System
WMAT92 Speech Recognition System for isolated words
WMAT93 Recursive Gabor Filtering for 1D an d 2D signals
WMAT94 Photorefractive Simulator System for calculating the vector
WMAT95 Space -charge field induced by the photo refractive effect
WMAT96 DCT-based Water marking for grayscale images
WMAT97 Wavelet-based Water marking grayscale images
WMAT98 Iris Recognition System
WMAT99 Speaker Recognition System
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