Digital Image Processing IEEE Projects
Code Project Title
WDIP1 Hand Writing Conversion to Text Files Using SVM Classifier
WDIP2 SPHIT Based Compression And Decompression
WDIP3 Document Image Segmentation By using K-Means Algorithm
WDIP4 Run Length Coding Based Image Compression &Decompression
WDIP5 A region dissimilarity relution that combines feature space and spatial information for color image segmentation
WDIP6 RCRS filter for signal restoration
WDIP7 Modified SPHIT Algorithm for wavelet packet image coding
WDIP8 A new fast and efficient imaged codec based on set partitioning in Hierarchical tress
WDIP9 Color image gradient for Morphological segmentation the weighted gradient improved by automatic imposition of weight
WDIP10 Chromosome image enhancement using Multi Scale differential operation
WDIP11 Image compression and Decompression using lifting wavelet transform
WDIP12 Fuzzy C-Means Based Image Segmentation
WDIP13 Image compression Using Wavelets & Wavelets pockets
WDIP14 Noise Removal Using FAB Diffusion Technique
WDIP15 Scalable Color Image Indexing & Retrieval Using Vector Wavelets
WDIP16 Motion Estimation From Video Sequence
WDIP17 Streaming SIMD Based Block Matching in Motion Estimation
WDIP18 Wavelet De noising of Images and Signals
WDIP19 Image Compression Using SOM
WDIP20 Breast Cancer Segmentation
WDIP21 Color Image Segmentation
WDIP22 Sigma and Lee Sigma based Filter for Edge Enhancement & Compression In Transmitter and Receiver
WDIP23 Wavelet Based Image Compression
WDIP24 Image Segmentation Using Hard C-Means & Fuzzy C –Means Clustering
WDIP25 An Unsupervised scheme for Detection of Micro Calcification
WDIP26 Mammograms
WDIP27 Image and Audio Stenography
WDIP28 Novel Color Segmentation
WDIP29 Segmentation of Kidney from Ultrasound Images Based on Texture and Shape Priors
WDIP30 Hybrid Image Segmentation Using Watersheds Fast Region Merging
WDIP31 Pare to Optimal Design of Watershed Algorithm
WDIP32 Digital Water Marking of MP3 Content
WDIP33 A Steer Able Complex Wavelet Construction And its Application to Image De noising
WDIP34 Adaptive Wavelet packet basis selection for Zero free Image Coding
WDIP35 Image Compression using EZW
WDIP36 Dynamic contrast based Quantization for Lossy Wavelet Image Compression
WDIP37 Data Embedding in Audio Sequences Using DWT
WDIP38 Image in Painting & Object Removal Exemplar Based
WDIP39 Content Based Adaptive Spatio-temporal Method for Mpeg repair
WDIP40 Algorithm Based on Multistage Vector Quantization-Multipurpose
WDIP41 Image Water marking
WDIP42 Image De noising based on the Dyablic Wavelet Transform
WDIP43 Real Time Motion Estimation & visualization on Graphics cards
WDIP44 A Pipeline Based Approach for Scheduling Video Processing Algorithms on Nows
WDIP45 A Neural Architecture For Fast & Robust Face Detection
WDIP46 Feature based Wavelets Shrinkage Algorithm for ImageDe noising
WDIP47 Design of MIEG Based Video codec using Motion Compensation
WDIP48 Image compression for Real-time computer screen image transmission Seeded region growing
WDIP49 Noise removal of Grayscale image using Morphology operation
WDIP50 A phase based approach to the estimation of the optical flow field using spatial filtering
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