DSP Based Project
Code Project Title
WD1 Analog devices - ad2105, ad2181
WD2 Texas instruments tms320c50, tms320c5416 and
WD3 Tms320c6xxx series
WD4 3d synthetic environment
WD5 A high performance implementation of mpeg-1 layer 3 audio encoder
WD6 Ac drive
WD7 Acoustic echo cancellation algorithm & implementation using dsp
WD8 Acoustic liquid level gauge
WD9 Adaptive channel equalization
WD10 Audio signal processing
WD11 Automatic collision avoider
WD12 Binaural sound localization
WD13 Binaural sound localization
WD14 Biologically plausible pitch perception
WD15 Biometric finger print system
WD16 Biometrics smart camera
WD17 Cellular communication simulator by using matlab
WD18 Channel implementation
WD19 Cochlea implants
WD20 Command and control using voice recognition
WD21 Data compression
WD22 Data transmission through power line
WD23 Delta modulation
WD24 Detection of human speech in structured noise
WD25 Digital ac motor control
WD26 Digital scanner
WD27 Doppler correction
WD28 Dsp based data acquisition system
WD29 Dsp based digital equalizer
WD30 Dsp based ecg monitor
WD31 Dsp based image processing
WD32 Dsp based karaoke system
WD33 Dsp based medical announcement system
WD34 Dsp based medical announcement system
WD35 Dsp based modems
WD36 Dsp based multi channel monitoring system
WD37 Dsp based signal analyzer
WD38 Dsp based voice transmission system
WD39 Dtmf code generator & detection
WD40 Error correction coding using convolution encoding and viterbi decoding
WD41 Error correction coding using trellis encoding and viterbi decoding
WD42 Estimation of aircraft trajectory from its motion using kalman
WD43 Tracking filter
WD44 Estimation of energy using sub band coding
WD45 Fft design
WD46 Fsk modulation & demodulation
WD47 Fuzzy based temperature controller
WD48 Generic digital jukebox theater
WD49 Graphic lcd display using dsp
WD50 Heartbeat & temperature monitor
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