Code Project Title
WG1 Fuzzy logic railway station announcement in train
WG2 Automatic intelligent hydro irrigation system
WG3 Multi variable controlling systems in industries
WG4 Biomedical operational instrument cleaner
WG5 Automatic ac line change over system
WG6 Three phase presenter with low voltage cut off and dry running for motor
WG7 Intelligent voting machine
WG8 Four-digit frequency meter using embedded system
WG9 Phase interrupt controller
WG10 Multi channel patient monitoring system
WG11 Product measurement and rejection control system
WG12 Soft-start with overload tripping
WG13 Wireless motor monitoring system
WG14 Micro controller based ultrasonic level measurements in oil refineries
WG15 Phase failure relay
WG16 Automatic load controller
WG17 Automatic panel for three-phase motors
WG18 Wireless home appliances controller
WG19 PC based library automation system using smart card with RS-232 protocol
WG20 Wind turbine power generation
WG21 Automatic lab power control
WG22 Automatic change over generator to main supply
WG23 Home automation system
WG24 MC based wireless data acquisition system usingUSART and RS-232 protocols
WG25 MC based programmable individual phase current limiter for 3-phase
WG26 Programmable single phase motor over load preventor
WG27 180 -watts dc to ac converter
WG28 300-watts MOSFET inverter
WG29 Backside accident alert system for four wheeler
WG30 AC motor speed control by frequency
WG31 Ac motor test bench
WG32 Accident identification system
WG33 Automation of power saving system
WG34 Ad conversion systems and display all parameter
WG35 Advanced call taxi meter
WG36 Advanced digital trainer
WG37 Air craft multipurpose black box
WG38 High precision machine prevention from the frequency changing
WG39 Fire and fuse announcement system in apartments
WG40 Ultrasonic border security system
WG41 Electronic polling machine & embedded system
WG42 Atm globalization
WG43 Atm smart card system
WG44 Audio communication using fiber optics
WG45 Audio communication using laser beam
WG46 Audio transformation using fiber optical technique
WG47 Auditorium automation system by telephone line
WG48 Auto path finder robotic car
WG49 Automatic power saving system for laboratories
WG50 Automatic wash basin
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